Based in the UK but with a worldwide membership, we are dedicated to the appreciation and study of the life and works of Liszt, and the performance, publication and recording of his music. Founded in 1950 by the late Humphrey Searle and reconstituted in 1970, we are the longest-standing society devoted to Franz Liszt and his output.

Join the Society

Annual membership fees

Memberships run per calendar year. The annual fee for membership of the Society is:
UK: £30
Non-UK: £40
Student: £15*
Life Membership: £300**

*Please provide proof of current full-time study (e.g. copy of Student ID card).  Student memberships are offered up to the end of a first undergraduate degree.

**Life Membership can be bought at any time.  Any fee already paid for the current year’s membership can be offset against it. (Life Memberships confer the same annual benefits as available to any other member.  These may change from time to time from what is available at the time the Life Membership is purchased.)


The Society’s preferred payment method is BACS (bank transfer).  The Society also accepts payment by PayPal.  (Whichever payment method you use, and whatever your source currency, please ensure that the Society receives the correct amount.  If your chosen method incurs service or currency conversion fees, please ensure that you cover these.) 

Bank transfer

BACS (within UK): pay to The Liszt Society account number 61369514, sort code 05-04-70
IBAN (outside the UK): pay to The Liszt Society account number GB49YORK05047061369514

In both cases, please put the name of the intended member in the “reference” field.  (This will be either your name, or the name of the person on whose behalf you are paying.)


Pay to  Put the name of the intended member in the “Note” section (this will be either your name, or the name of the person on whose behalf you are paying).  You may receive an automated confirmation from PayPal showing the Treasurer’s name (Charlie): this indicates that the payment has been successful. 

Confirmation of membership payments (renewing members)

Upon making any membership payment please always e-mail the Membership Secretary to confirm the amount paid and the method used.  If you do not – or if you do not mark your payment with the membership name – the Society may not be able to match the payment to the membership or confirm the membership to you. Please do not copy the Treasurer into membership enquiries.

The Society gratefully receives any payment in excess of the membership fee as a donation. 

If your postal address changes, please inform the Society.  (We send your Journal to the address you have registered with us.  If you change address and don’t tell us, and then want us to send a replacement Journal to a new address, we shall have to charge a fee to cover costs.)

Joining the Society (new members)

If you wish to join the Society, please e-mail the Membership Secretary as above – and include your name, postal address and telephone number. If you have any questions the Membership Secretary will be pleased to help.


Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • An annual Journal and Music Section issued in printed hard copy free to all members. This publication, which is regarded by many as one of the best researched regular publications on Liszt, combines articles on widely differing aspects of both the man and his music, and scores which are otherwise unavailable. Its reputation is such that we number among our membership many subscribing University libraries.
  • A Newsletter issued by e-mail free up to four times a year to all members. This includes details of forthcoming performances which we think may be of interest to members, particularly if members are giving or taking part in those events. Attention is also drawn to books and recordings. Notices or reports are given of conferences and other meetings. The Newsletter also provides a forum for members to exchange views through publication of their letters, make requests for information or write a few paragraphs.
  • Members may purchase, at a generous discount, scores published by the Society, of which numerous volumes have been produced.
  • Members may purchase, where copyright law allows, photocopies of many scores of Liszt’s music which are otherwise unobtainable. Proceeds, together with donations, help maintain the Society’s financial position, which has enabled us to maintain the membership subscription at a modest level, and to keep the archive up to date.
  • From time to time we are able to negotiate discounts for members on the purchase of certain CDs, tickets for concerts or purchases of books.
  • We do our best to answer members’ queries concerning the music or life of Liszt or, if we cannot help, to put members in touch with others who might be of assistance.
  • Notification of relevant events, both Society-organised and external.
  • UK members may attend, at reduced rates, any events sponsored by the Society; non-UK members may attend free.
  • Members wishing to promote Liszt events with which they are involved, may apply to have them listed on the events page of this website at no charge. Non-members' events may also be listed on application, subject to approval by the Society, and may incur a charge for listing.
  • Members can promote their own recordings, publications etc in the Newsletter. Simply email details to the Newsletter Editor (Stephen White) at