Liszt Society Newsletter

The Liszt Society has used its newsletters to communicate with the membership since the mid-1960's, even before the re-launch of the Society in 1970 in the form it is today.

In the early days the newsletters were larger publications as there was no Society Journal. With the inception of the annual Society Journal in the mid-1970's the newsletters became more variable in size. They were published without a set schedule and gave members information on Society events, people and publications, plus reviews of concerts and recordings etc.

All past newsletters have been collected together in a hard-copy archive and have additionally been scanned to provide a browsable resource for anyone interested in the history of the Liszt Society. These can be individually downloaded in pdf format by clicking the link to the right of each newsletter listing. Newsletters published in the most recent 12 months are only made available to current members of the Society.

New members joining the Society will be sent all recent newsletters.

Past Newsletters
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