Liszt Society Journal & Music Section

The Liszt Society's Journal is a learned treatise which is published annually for distribution only to Society members. Its contributors are drawn from around the music world and are amongst the most respected musicologists, academics and musicians who share a particular interest in all aspects of Liszt's life and works.

Today's journal came into being in 1975 as a successor to the Society's early annual newsletter. In those days the newsletter appeared once a year and was much larger than today's format. It seemed natural to formalise the early newsletter content into a separate journal publication, thereby leaving such items as news, reviews, announcements, opinions etc, which by their nature are more transient, to a smaller document which could be published several times a year.

The Journal is published in October/November and is distributed as a bound document of typically 100+ pages, together with a companion music section. The music section first appeared in 1988 and offers members their own source of otherwise unobtainable Liszt piano works, selected from the archives by the Society's President Leslie Howard. The Music Section distribution is limited strictly to Society members and its content is not otherwise publicly available in published form.

Please note that only the contents and cover pages of past journals can be downloaded from this page. Society members can request back copies of earlier journals which may be made available for a modest fee, depending on availability of the original source.

Past Journals
14 - 1989

Feuille morte, S428; Cadenza to Beethoven’s 3rd Concerto, S389a; Introduction and coda to Strauss/Tausig Wahlstimmen, S571a; Ne brani manya [song], S324a; O pourquoi donc [song], S301a; Angelus! [string quartet, quintet or string orchestra], S378/362a

15 - 1990

Das Lied der Begeisterung [men’s chorus], S91i; Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh’, [men’s chorus], S75ii/1; Dessauers Lieder, S485; Glanes de Woronince, S249

16 - 1991

Nuits d’été à Pausilippe, S399; Faribolo pasteur & Chanson du Béarn, S236; Der Traurige Mönch [recitation with piano], S348

17 - 1992

Jeanne d’Arc [song, 1st vers.], S293i; Helges Treue [recitation], S686; Spirto gentil, S400a; Soloveï [1st vers.], S249d; Valse de Marie, S212a; Puszta Wehmut, S24

18 - 1993

Weihnachtsbaum [piano duet], S613

19 - 1994

Tarantella (Cui), S482; 2 Songs transcriptions (Rubinstein), S554; Galop russe (Bulhakov) [1st vers.], S478i; Valse de concert (Vegh), S430; Introduction and Hungarian March (Széchényi), S573; Prelude to Borodin’s Polka, S207a

20 - 1995

Tarantella di bravura (Muette de Portici) [inc. variants for S. Menter], S386i; 9 Songs in early versions not in Breitkopf ed., S287i; S288; S289i; S290i; S291i; S277i; S297i; S306i; S280i; S280bis; Mazurka, S384; Die rose (Spohr), S571I

21 - 1996 - with integral Music Section

Réminiscences de Robert le diable – Cavatine et Valse infernale, S412a & 413

22 - 1997

Dumka, S249b; Ländler in D major, S211a; Air cosaque, S249c; Spanish Fantasy, S253

23 - 1998

Soirées italiennes (Mercadante), S411; Piano piece in A minor, S387iii

24 - 1999

Albumleaf in E major, S164; Canzone napolitana [2 versions], S248i&ii

25 - 2000

O Lamm Gottes! [piano duet], S582; Petite valse [1st vers.], S212i; Die Vätergruft [song, 4th vers.], S281iv; Pásztor Lakodalmas (Festetics), SS405a; Introduction and Coda to Raff’s Waltz in D flat, S551a

26 - 2001

O Meer im Abendstrahl [two voices & piano or harmonium], S344; Für Männergesang [12 men’s choruses], S90; Chanson bohémienne, S250/2; Liebesszene und Fortunas Kugel, S490

27 - 2002

Der Doppelgänger, S375/5 [First publication of Liszt’s version for voice and orchestra of Schubert’s
song]; 2 Album-Leaves for piano, S164b & S166a; Marche funèbre, S226a (pf); Heil! Uns’rer Glocke,
Heil!, S76a [First publication of Liszt’s unison men’s chorus with piano]; Drei Lieder aus Julius Wolffs
Tannhäuser, S498 [Liszt’s piano transcriptions of three songs by Otto Lessmann]

28 - 2003

Album-Leaves, S158d; S163a/1; S163/2; S163b; S163c; S163d; S164a; S164c; S164d; S164e/1; S164e/2; S164f; S164g; S164h; S164j; S166b; S166c; S166d; S166e; S166f/1; S166g; S166h; S166k; S166l; S167c; S167d; S167e; S167f; S167h; S171b; Piano Piece in D flat major, S189b; National-Hymne, S197b; Waltz in E flat major, S209a; Magyar Tempo, S241b; Mélodie polonaise, S249a; Die Nebensonnen (Schubert), S561/2bis; Fragments, S688a; S692b; S692c; S694a; S698; S701b; S701c; S701d; S701e; S701f; S701j; S701h/1; S700h/2; S701j; S701t; Album-Leaves, S167j; S167k; Two Cadenzas for the Étude de concert “Un sospiro,” S143/3ter; Au clair de la lune [for voice and piano, one hand], S699b; Le matin (Korbay) [voice and small orchestra], S368/1; Le matin (Korbay) [voice and piano], S681a

29 - 2004

Music for solo pianoforte: Album-Leaf in D flat major, S167g; Cadenza, S695f; Album-Leaf in G
major, S167l; Album-Leaf in A flat major, S166p; Album-Leaf in E major, S166q; O lieb, so lang du
lieben kannst!, S540b; Ungarischer Marsch in B-dur, S229a; Petite Valse (1884), S695e; Pensées –
Nocturne, S168b; Zwei Stücke aus der heiligen Elisabeth, S693a: Das Rosenmirakel; Der Sturm;
Fanfare zur Enthüllung des Carl-Augusts Monument, S542b; Excelsior! – Die Glocken des
Strassburger Münsters: Preludio, S500
Choral music: Pater noster II (d’après la Psalmodie de l’Église), S21i [TTBB]; Pater noster IV, S22
[SSTB/organ]; Inno del Papa “Dall’alma Roma...”, S36 [SS/TB/SSTB & ad lib organ]/[SSAATTBB &
ad lib organ]/[SSTB/TTB]; Crux! Hymne des marins, S35iii [TTBBB & organ]; Sankt Christoph –
Legende, S47, for baritone, women’s or children’s choir [SSA], pianoforte, harp (ad lib.) and
harmonium [organ], or for baritone and pianoforte, S338a
Appendix: Liszt (?): Variations “Tiszántuli szép leány”, S384a, for pianoforte; Lafont: Romance “Le
départ du jeune marin”, edition for soprano and pianoforte

30 - 2005

6 Rapsodies hongroises for piano duet, S621; Rapsodie hongroise XVI for piano duet, S622ii;
Rapsodie hongroise XIX for piano duet, S623a

31 - 2006

Music for pianoforte:
Sorées de Vienne - Valses-Caprices d'après F.Schubert no.6 (original version), S427/6i, Soirées de Vienne - Valse-Caprices d'après F.Schubert no.6 (version for Sophie Menter), ~S427/6ii, Mélodies hongroise d'aprè Fr.Schubert no.2: Marche hongroise (version for Sophie Menter), S425/2iv*

Choral Music:
Das Deutsche Vaterland! (first setting) for men's choir and orchestra - Liszt's version for men's choir and piano, S74bis, Das Deutsche Vaterland! (first setting), Liszt's correction sheet to the eighth verse*, Das Deutsche Vaterland! (second setting), for men's choir a cappella, S74a*

32 - 2007

Music for pianoforte:
A la chapelle Sixtine, S461i (first version)*, Fantasie über Themen aus Weber's Der Freischütz, S451*, Album-Leaf in Eflat major, S163a/2 (complete)*

Appendix: corrected scores
Album-Leaf in G major, S166q, Soirées de Vienne - Valses-Caprices d'après F.Schubert no.6 (version for Sophie Menter), S427/6ii

* First Publication

33 - 2008

Music for solo pianoforte:
Trois Chansons, S510a 1 La consolation, 2 Avant la bataille, 3 L'espérance Album-Leaf in A major, S166s*, Mazeppa, S511c*

Music for Piano Duet:
Petöfi szellemének, S614

Music for voice(s) and piano:
Es war einmal ein König...., S73 Hohe Liebe, S307ii*, Die drei Zigeuner, S320ii*

* First Publication

34 - 2009

Music for solo pianoforte:
Romancero espagnol, S695c*, Wilde Jagd - Scherzo, S176a*

Petöfi szellemének, S614

Music for voice(s) and piano:
Julius Reubke: Adagio for organ (facsimile of MS)

* First Publication

35 - 2010

Music for solo pianoforte: Ungarische Romanzen, S241a [1853]. First complete publication: (No. 1 in F minor, No. 2 in A minor, No. 3 in A minor, No.4 in A minor, No. 5 in D minor, No. 6 in A major, No. 7 in A major, No. 8 in D minor, No. 9 in A major, No. 10 in G minor, No 11 in F major, No 12 in C major, No. 13 in F sharp minor, No.14 in D major, No. 15 in D major, No. 16 in C major, No.17 in A major, No 18 in A major) Huldigungsmarsch, S228i [first version-1853]. First publication

Music for voice(s) and piano: 
Cantica di San Francesco, S4i/S322a [first version- 1862]. First publication

36 - 2011 - 200th Anniversary Edition

Music for solo pianoforte:
Réminiscence de Lucrezia Borgia de Donizetti - Grande Fantasie en deux parties pour piano par F. Liszt - Rédoite, avec l'approbation de l'auteur, à un seul morceau de concert par G. Buonamici, S400bis

Music for piano duet:
Zwei Episoden aus Lenau's Faust für großes Orchester von Franz Liszt, für das Pianoforte zu vier Händen übertragen vom Componisten, S599 1 Der nächtliche Zug 2 Der Tanz in der Dorfschenke (1. Mephisto Walzer)

37 - 2012

Songs in little-known or hitherto unpublished versions: 
Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher, S293ii * 
Anfangs wollt'ich fast verzagen, S311i * 
Anfangs wollt'ich fast verzagen, S311ii * 
Anfangs wollt'ich fast verzagen, S311iii * 
Anfangs wollt'ich fast verzagen, S311iv 
Anfangs wollt'ich fast verzagen, S311v
 Die Vätergruft, S281i * 
Die Vätergruft, S281ii *
 Ich Scheide, S319i * 
Ihr Auge, S310i * 
Wo Weilt er?, S295i * 
Jugendglück, S323i *
 Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam, S309i * 
S'il est un charmant gazon, S284ii *

Transcription for voice and organ: 
Es ist genug [Mendelssohn], S681d

Music for chorus and organ: 
O Dieu donne l'onde, S18a *

* First pblication

38 - 2013

Rare Vocal Works:
Titan, for bass, men's chorus and pianoforte, S79 * 
Titan, for bass and pianoforte, S700p * 
Cantico di San Francesco, for baritone, men's unison chorus ad libitum and pianoforte and/or organ/harmonium, S4iter * 
Spozalizio (Trauung), for alto, women's unison voices ad libitum for pianoforte four hands, S60bis or for pianoforte four hands, S583a * 
Die lustige Legion, for TTBB chorus and pianoforte ad libitum, S77, or for tenor and pianoforte, S298b *

Album-Leaves and other rare piano works: 
Album-Leaf in E major, S163d/2 
Album-Leaf in C major, S163e 
Album-Leaf in D flat major, S164e/3 
Album-Leaf in D flat major, S164k 
Album-Leaf in C major, S164l 
Album-Leaf in F sharp major, S164m 
Album-Leaf in G minor, S166l/2 
Album-Leaf in B minor, S166r/1
 Album-Leaf in B minor, S166r/2 
Album-Leaf in B major, S166t/1 
Album-Leaf in B major, S166t/2 
Album-Leaf in D flat major, S167m/1 
Album-Leaf in A major, S167n
 Album-Leaf in E flat major, S167o 
Album-Leaf in D flat major, S167p 
Album-Leaf in D flat major, S167q
 Album-Leaf in E flat major, S167r 
Album-Leaf in E major, S167t 
Album-Leaf in F sharp major, S167u 
Introduction à la Grande Etude de Paganini no. 6, S141a * 
Madrigal, S171b *

* First pblication

39 - 2014

Rare Piano Music:
Grand Solo de concert, S175a * 
Album-Leaf: 'Orpheus', S165d * 
Album-Leaf: 'Dante-Symphony', S165e * 
Album-Leaf: 'Osnabrück', S165b *
Album-Leaf: 'Preludio', S165c *

A Rare Work for Two Pianos: J.P. Pixis: Variations brillantes sur un thème original, opus 112 - with an original cadenza by Liszt, S257a **

* First pblication ** First publication in score

40 - 2015

A Miscellany of Rare Works:
Album-Leaf: Theme for Rudolf Viole, S167y (piano) 
Album-Leaf: ‘Cantico di San Francesco’, S260a * (organ) 
Preludio (for J P E Hartmann), S268a * (organ) 
Ossa arida – Motet for male voices and piano four hands, S55bis * 
Rapsodie hongroise XVIII – with the first drafts of the coda, S244/18a & b * 
Beethoven: Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur, opus 48/4 arr. Gottschalg, rev. Liszt, S679a * (male voice and organ/piano) 
Glinka: Pour un moment, rev. Liszt, S679b * (voice and piano) 
Die Brautnacht – Es hat geflammt die ganze Nacht, S685 * (voice and piano) 
Ich möchte hingehn, S296i * [1st version] (voice and piano) 
Donners Lied aus R. Wagners Oper Das Rheingold, S682a * (voice and piano) 
Orpheus – Symphonische Dichtung, arr. Spiro, rev. Liszt, S511b (piano) 
Ich möchte hingehn, S296iii * [3rd version] (voice and piano)

41 - 2016

Rare Songs
Schwebe, schwebe blaues Auge, S305i *
Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh’, S306iii *
Quand tu chantes, bercée, S306a **
Göttliche Gedanken, S306b *
Morgenrot – Hinaus, hinaus!, S306c *
Wie singt die Lerche schön, S312i *
Serbisches Lied – Ein Mädchen sitzt am Meeresrand, S683 **

Rare works for children’s choir
Morgenlied, S88 **
Mit klingendem Spiel und Fahnen (Blumenparade), S89 *

A rare chamber work
Élégie, S129b for cor anglais/cello and piano (harp and harmonium ad lib.) *

A rare theatrical vocal work
Der Brautwillkomm auf Wartburg – Lyrisches Festspiel, S344c *

0 Vorspiel 1 Gnomenchor 2 Wächterruf von den Zinnen 3 Frau Aventiure 4 Frau Venus und
Gefolge 5 Gnomenchor – Die verzauberte Prinzessin 6 König Attila (Etzel) und Chriemhilde
7 Frau Aventiure und Gnomen 8 Festmarsch und Chorgesang ‘An Frau Minne’ 9 Landgraf
Herrmann – Chor der sieben Minnesänger 10 Wolfram von Eschenbach 11 Heinrich von
Ofterdingen gegen das Brautpaar 12 Walther von der Vogelweide 13 Der tugendhafte
Schreiber 14 Biterolf und der Schmied von Ruhla 15 Reimar der Alte

* first publications  ** first modern editions

42 - 2017

Rare piano pieces
Lieder von Fr. Schubert, S558a [Liszt’s final revisions to six song transcriptions]
3. Du bist die Ruh’ 4. Erlkönig 7. Frühlingsglaube 8. Gretchen am Spinnrade 9. Ständchen von Shakespeare 11. Der Wanderer
Fantasie über englische Themen, S694 *
Appendix to S694: Sketches based on ‘God Save the Queen’ *
Schlummerlied im Grabe, S195a *
Entwurf der Ramann-Elegie, S196a *
5 Album-Leaves *
‘Precipitato’, S164o/1; ‘Andantino’, S164p; ‘Ave Maria I’, S164q/1; ‘Dublin’, S164r; ‘Marseille’ Preludio, S164f/4

Vocal curiosities
2 Album-Leaves *
Angiolin dal biondo crin, S163x; Das deutsche Vaterland [I], S167v/1

Barcarole venetienne de Pantaleoni – Barcarola veneziana – Venezianisches Gondellied, S684

* first publications

43 - 2018

A piece for solo harp
Ave Maria von Arcadelt, S379c *

Rare piano pieces
Il penseroso, S157b (1version) *
Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa, S157c (1st version) *
Zweite Elegie, S196b/1 (earlier draft) *
Zweite Elegie, S196b/2 (earlier draft) *      
Mazurka in F minor, S221a (attributed to Liszt) *
U ngarische Romanzero, S241a – no. 16
Danse des sylphes de La damnation de Faust de Hector Berlioz, S474a (1st version) *
Künstlerfestzug, S520i (1st version) *
O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst, S540c *
Rubinstein: Etude ‘on wrong notes’, with introduction and final bar by Liszt, S554a *
Smetana: Polka de salon, opus 7 no. 1, with introduction and coda by Liszt, S570a

* first publications

44 - 2019

Rare piano pieces
Sunt lacrymæ rerum – in ungarischer Weise (2nd version), S162c/i *
Schnitterchor aus dem entfesselten Prometheus (1st version), S507a *
Marche des pèlerins de la Symphonie d’Harold [en Italie de Hector Berlioz] (1st version), S473i *
Mes joies – Nocturne d’après un chant polonais de Fr. Chopin (2nd version), S480/5ii
La charité [de Rossini] (1st version), S552a *
La carità [di Rossini] (facilitated version), S552b *
Ave Maria – Mélodie de François Schubert (1st version), S557d
Gretchen am Spinnrade [Lied von Schubert, S558/8] (1st version), with alterations according to an autograph Korrekturblatt, S558b *
La sérénade – Mélodie de François Schubert (1st version), S559a
Любила я (Lyubila ya) ‒ Romance du Comte Mikhail Yuryevich Wielhorsky (1st intermediate version), S577i/a *
Любила я (Lyubila ya) ‒ Romance du Comte Mikhail Yuryevich Wielhorsky (2nd intermediate version), S577i/b *

* first publications

45 - 2020

Music for pianoforte four hands
Trois Odes funèbres *
1. Les morts, S601
2. La notte, S602
3. Le triomphe funèbre du Tasse, S603
Elégie, S612

Rare pieces for solo keyboard
Rosario, S670
1. Mysteria gaudiosa 2. Mysteria dolorosa 3. Mysteria gloriosa
Prière et Berceuse de l’opéra La muette de Portici d’Auber, S387

* first publications

46 - 2021

Cadenza and Album-Leaves
‘Vienna’, S144a/7 [Cadenza to S144/3 ‘Un sospiro’] *
Quasi Mazurek, S163e **
‘Parallel fourths’, S163q *
Gretchen am Spinnrade, S163r *
Andantino, S163s *
Friska (Hongrois), S164e/8 *
‘Wien’, S164n/2 *
‘Cologne’ Preludio, S164o/2 *
Album-Leaves on Die Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth, S164s/1-3 *
1. Elisabeth 2. ‘Elisabeth fragment’ 3. Motif de la Légende de Ste. Elisabeth
Andante molto espressivo, S165f *
‘Konzertstück’, S165g *                        
‘Lucrezia Borgia’, S165h *    
Praeludium Wien, S165j *  
‘Robert le diable’, S165k *  
‘Dresden’, S165l *  
‘Hexaméron’, S165m *
‘St. Gallen’, S165n *
‘St. François de Paule’, S165o *
Préludes omnitoniques, S166d/5-13 *                                                                                                
5. ‘Nuremberg’ Preludio 6. ‘Petersburg’ Preludio 7. Prélude omnitonique 8. ‘N8 Prélude’ 9. ‘Avril’ Preludio 10. ‘Bayreuth Preludio’ 11. ‘Kriehuber Preludio’ 12. ‘Crefeld Prélude’ 13. ‘Detmold’ Preludio 14. ‘Haag’ Preludio
Album-Leaves on An die Künstler, S166t/3-5 *
3. ‘An die Künstler III’ 4. An die Künstler [IV] 5. An die Künstler [V]
Fragment d’étude, d’après Paganini, S166u *
‘Molique’, S166v *
Album-Leaves, S166w/1-3 *    
1. ‘Lyon I’ 2. Requiem 3. Agitato
12 Einleitungstakte zur Harmonie poétique: Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude, S166x *
‘Paganini-Etude no. 6 Introduction’, S166y/1 *
Album-Leaves on Grand Galop chromatique, S167k/2-7 *
2. ‘Grand Galop chromatique II’ 3. ‘Grand Galop chromatique III’ 4. ‘Grand Galop chromatique IV Edinburgh’ 5. ‘Grand Galop chromatique V Bruges’ 6. ‘Grand Galop chromatique VI Nuremberg’ 7. ‘Grand Galop chromatique VII Milan’
‘Любила я (Lyubila ya)’, S167l/2 *
Petőfi szellemének, S167z/1 *

Pianoforte works and fragments
Préludes et Harmonies poétiques et religieuses, S171d [completed by Leslie Howard]
1. [untitled] 2. Langueur? 3. [untitled] 4. Dernière illusion 5. [untitled] 6. Attente 7. Alternative 8. M.K. 7a. [Alternative - later version] *
Pange lingua, S183a *
L’Angélus “La cloche sonne”, S238 ***
Sketches in F sharp major, S692q/1
Six fragments, S692q/2 *
Notturno, S698b *                                            
Two Mazurkas, S698c *
Marche de Prozinsky, S701v

Angiolin dal biondo crin, S269ii (2nd version; Japan Manuscript) *
Mignon, S275iv (4th version; Italian text) *

* first publications ** first complete publications *** first publication using later source

47 - 2022

Chamber/Instrumental Music *
Fünf rumänische Volkstänze, S129a
Zweite Elegie, S131ter

Album-Leaves *
‘Rue Royale’, S163a/3
Valse mélancolique [III], S163d/3
‘Hechingen’, S163n/2
‘Valse’, S163n/4
Fragment (d’une fantaisie suisse), S163o
‘Don Juan’, S163t
Prélude du Bouquet, S163v
‘Seymour’, S163w/1
Trio de la Marche hongroise, S163w/2
Ave Maria [II], S164q/2
Motif der Legende der heiligen Elisabeth, S164s/4
Anfang der Faust-Symphonie, S164t/1
‘Gretchen’, S164t/2
Prometheus [I], S164u/1
‘Prometheus II’, S164u/2
T.K.V., S165p
‘Christus’, S165r
‘De profundis’, S165s
‘Zwickau’, S165t
‘Helena Malewska’ Prélude, S166d/15
‘Elberfeld’ Prélude, S166d/16
‘Petersburg’ Preludio [II], S166d/17
‘Breslau Preludio’, S166d/18
‘Ganz’ Preludio, S166d/19
‘An die Künstler VI’, S166t/6
Benedictus aus der Graner Messe, S167c/2
‘Das deutsche Vaterland II’, S167v/2
Preludio ‘Paris’, S167n/2
‘Quand tu chantes bercée’, S167w

The Later Character Pieces for Pianoforte *
Klavierstück, S189a/3
Der Todesengel, S190a

Ich möchte hingehn, S296iii **

Pianoforte Transcriptions
Lieder von Fr. Schubert, S558a
2. Auf dem Wasser zu singen
10. Rastlose Liebe
12. Ave Maria

Transcription for Pianoforte Four Hands
Weihnachtsbaum, S612a *

Vocal Arrangements
Die Lotosblume, S682b *

* first publications ** first complete publications